Safety & Quality


EGPlast is using HDPE, LDPE and Exceed raw materials; the greatest specialty about these materials is there extremely safe usage as they have brilliant resistance against any chemical substances.

The products which are produced from this raw material are hygienic and it is not also affected by any biological substances.

From the raw material itself, to the distribution stage of our products, every level of production remains with environment-friendly material.

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iso 9001


In accordance with our company objectives, our quality management in conformity with ISO 9001 is mainly directed towards our customers and the market. Our inner factory quality standards include raw material testing, production survey, and testing finished products as prescribes in ISO standards.

Tests are conducted continuously in our own laboratory, guaranteeing maximum safety. We also get the collaboration of the independent testing institutes to ensure that our products fits well with the other applicable specifications like ISO and that their quality remains in a high level.