We are ISO 9001 certified


In accordance with our company objectives, our quality management in conformity with ISO 9001 is mainly directed towards our customers and the market. Our inner factory quality standards include raw material testing, production survey, and testing finished products as prescribes in ISO standards.

Export to 20+ Countires


Europe is considered one of our most important markets where we export more than (1000 tons) per year of (PE Stretch Films) to different markets, especially to UK, Spain and France.

While Africa has been our primary market from more than 10 years till we have become the leaders of (PE stretch films & Blown films) exports in: Morocco, Algeria, Tunisia, & Sudan.

Alintissar Company


Alintissar company is an Egyptian manufacturing company with over 150 employees; our products are present in more than 20 countries across Europe, Africa and Asia. Quality is the essence of our products; as we are working to provide exclusive and new possibilities to our customers. The commitment to delivery deadline is our aim to win the trust of our customers.