EGPlast chemicals and plastics manufacturing company is a regional packaging products leader that provides superior product quality and adopt the most contemporary and efficient technology in order to offer value to our customers.


We will be the best plastics film production company in the Middle East.

At a glance

EGPlast Company is an Egyptian manufacturing company with over 150 employees; our products are present in more than 20 countries across Europe, Africa and Asia. Quality is the essence of our products; as we are working to provide exclusive and new possibilities to our customers. The commitment to delivery deadline is our aim to win the trust of our customers.


Founded in 2006 in Egypt, EGPlast Company has grown to become one of the leading companies in the Middle East; best in class production lines - SML PE cast lines and W&H PE blown line. Each year, we continue to expand into new markets worldwide, growing the business into what it has become today.

Our Factory

Built on 16000 Sqm in New Cairo Industrial zone, EGPlast factory is considered one of the biggest factories in the MENA region. The factory offers variety of packing products with innovative specifications to satisfy the highest customer needs.

Through accumulating rich experience in the field of polyethylene film production we are aware of market demands.

Currently our products won our clients’ loyalty and trust giving us leadership market share positions. Our production lines SML PE cast lines and W&H PE blown line are of cutting-edge technology. Namely we exclusively produce low micron film with high quality and ideal prices, with a production capacity up to 14000 tons per year and expanding to reach 20000 tons by 2019.

All stages of the production process are being tracked continuously and are subject to high quality controls and tests using Austrian technology in the manufacture of our products; which qualified our factory to obtain the ISO 9001: 2015 certificate. We value our clients’ reliability; as we work on developing our products to match clients’ needs.

Certificates Pic

EGPlast is using HDPE, LDPE and Exceed raw materials; the greatest specialty about these materials is there extremely safe usage as they have brilliant resistance against any chemical substances.

The products which are produced from this raw material are hygienic and it is not also affected by any biological substances.

From the raw material itself, to the distribution stage of our products, every level of production remains with environment-friendly material.

In accordance with our company objectives, our quality management in conformity with ISO 9001 is mainly directed towards our customers and the market. Our inner factory quality standards include raw material testing, production survey, and testing finished products as prescribes in ISO standards.

Tests are conducted continuously in our own laboratory, guaranteeing maximum safety. We also get the collaboration of the independent testing institutes to ensure that our products fits well with the other applicable specifications like ISO and that their quality remains in a high level.